As‚Äčk away! 

Give us just a few minutes to explain why you should use us for your bed bug extermination needs. 

  • We have been treating Brooklyn, New York and all other 5 boroughs for pests for a long time. 
  • We try to represent ourselves as an Honest hard working business that believes in complete clarity. We are always honest with our customers and do not try to hide any aspect of our treatments.
  • We are very discreet. If you want to keep things from your neighbors, you can rest assured that we will arrive in unmarked vehicles, and discreet uniforms. If neighbors ask, we tell them we are there to service the apartment. We never give any information to anyone but you.
  • All of our work is guaranteed.
  • Your satisfaction is our number one concern.
  • NO pressure sales. You will be surprised to find that when you call us for your bed bug needs we are always here for you. We will never rush you off the phone, or call you back with sales pitches. We use your initial phone call to develop a relationship. Here we believe that if the customer likes what they here- they will schedule a service. 
  • We are always honest. If your apartment or home does not show signs of bed bugs we will not push you into a service. 
  • All of our bed bug inspections are guaranteed.
  • We go above and beyond the call, and try to always answer all your questions.
  • We are known to help out people who are having problems with other companies and need advice.

Give us a call. If you need a price quote, advice or any direction please call (917)337-4053 to schedule a bed bug treatment or inspection.