Are you sure its bed bugs?

Give us a call at 917-337-4053 and we will try to give you a hassle free quote over the phone.  Dont be scared, we have been doing this for 20 years.

We realize that you are the customer, and deserve to be treated with respect. The reason we have been successful over the years due to our sales pitch - We just dont have one!

We speak with you about your particular problem because every problem is unique. Then we will give you an accurate quote of the price and what preparations you need to perform. Then leave the rest to us! NO MORE BED BUGS! 

We Provide:

  • Bed Bug Inspections in NYC
  • Bed Bug Treatments in NYC
  • Bed Bug Clean Up Services (Subcontracted out)



Not sure if you have bed bugs?

We are always honest with our customers, which is why we have such a good reputation. Its more about doing the right thing and helping out our customers then making some money. We will do visual bed bug inspections and then explain what needs to be done if you do have bed bugs. Its just a bug, its not a life sentence. You CAN get rid of them, don't believe the hype.